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Three-quarters empty or one-quarter full?

That's me standing in front of a glacier. Obviously, I'm pretty pumped.  What better place to start this blog than glaciers? "Glaciology" is in the name of this blog, my research is on ancient glaciers and I'm clearly way too excited about them. Before I jump into why my research on ancient glaciers is important, let's start with why you, citizen of the world, care about these giant, awesome, hunks of ice.  Everyone has heard that the glaciers are disappearing, by why do we care if glaciers disappear? Even outside of the issue of climate change, glaciers disappearing has major consequences for communities. In the winter, when precipitation is high and temperature is low, glaciers grow and store precipitation as ice. In the summer, as temperatures rise, the glacier melts. In the Pacific Northwest, where I live and work, precipitation is high in the winter and water that would otherwise run into the ocean, is stored as ice high up in the mountain