About Feminist Glaciology

The idea for this blog was born out of an insult. Someone on the internet tried to intimidate and insult me by telling me to go back to my “feminist glaciology or whatever other super important stuff [you] do.” So, like any self-respecting snarky bitch, I went and made a blog about it. Welcome to Feminist Glaciology, where science and social issues meet. In this blog, I break down why science matters to the public and look at how society interacts with science. I am a nerd for glaciers, so ice will be a major focus, but I will also feature science related to natural resources, natural hazards, energy, climate change, and pollution. From the social justice side, I will look at what science has to say about social issues, explore how different cultures view science, refute the idea the science is inaccessible, and feature posts from minorities in science. 

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